Decorating the Top of a Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Denise Willard with the Decor by Denise shows you how to decorate the top of a Christmas tree.

    Denise Willard

    Denise Willard is the president of Decor by Denise, a full-service interior decorating firm based in Vienna, Virginia. For nearly a decade, Denise and her staff have transformed the homes of clients in the Disctrict of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. With her talent in color selection, space planning, interior arrangement, window treatments and fabric decor, she helps her clients transform their homes from ordinary to extraordinary! The combination of her southern roots and urban lifestyle can be seen in her transitional design style, which combines the comfort and hospitality of the south with the flair of the big city. Denise has been professionally trained in all aspects of interior decorating, including the newest trends in redesign and feng shui. In addition, she is a certified real estate staging professional, as designated by Realty Enhancements International. Denise and her staff take a hands-on approach to every project, providing each client the personalized attention he or she deserves. Denise maintains professional memberships and affiliations with the Interior Design Society, Realty Enhancements International, the Interior Arrangement and Design Association, the Washington Design Center, eWomenNetwork, the Interior Design Directory, the Redesign Directory and the Better Business Bureau.

    Denise Willard: Hi, my name is Denise Willard with Decor by Denise and today I am here showing you how to decorate your tree for the holidays. Right now we are going to focus on the top of the tree, which is really the most important part as there is your focal point for your tree. What we are going to do is incorporate a traditional tree toper, with some fill icicle sprays to really give your tree a nice pop at the top. So, let s go ahead and apply these ingredients that to our tree and see what happens. So, we want to be very careful like I said as we apply this and push it down as pretty much as far as we can get it, to where it is really secure because it will wobble around a bed and we want to make sure it doesn t fall off the tree. So, make sure you get it as secure as you can and as straight as possible, I think that looks pretty good. So, what we want to do is start applying these guys where we can, so little bit of a change because upper part of the tree is not as wide as the base. So, just go ahead and put a few in here and do not be shy, some of the branches and some of the endpoints will stick out, but we will cover those up as we go about decorating the rest of the tree. With these you want to make sure, they are as vertical as possible, because we want to give it that vertical height. So, you can see we are starting to build this out a little bit and we will be on our way to decorating the rest of our tree. So, now this is our last one, let s just put it in here securely, make sure it s all okay and what you want to do too is spread the -- its little bit tough in here this last one here, doesn t want to go into too well.

    Well, make sure they are very secure, you don t want them fall them off the tree, that is the challenge. Okay, now it s really secure, we want to make sure that we spread it out a little bit; give it a little bit of oomph and we are pretty much done. So now you can see what a pretty tree toper we have. We have got a little traditional twist, with some of the new elements that we talked about and that makes it really beautiful for our pop at the top and that s toping your tree.