Decorating Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Mary Gallagher-Stout demonstrates how to decorate Tie Dyed Easter Eggs.

    Mary Gallagher Stout: Hi! I am Mary Gallagher Stout. Today, we are decorating Easter eggs. Right now, I am going to show you how to tie-dye your Easter eggs. Its a really cool method. So let's get started.

    First of all, you are going to need to lay down some saran wrap because its a very messy process. Then you are going to take a paper towel and you are going to want it to be wet, well damp. So you are going to damp in your towel in some water, spring it up as much as you can because you just want your paper towel to be damp. You are going to open it up and sprinkle some vinegar right on the paper towel. You are going to take your dyes, food coloring, any colors that you like and you are going to drip them on to the paper towel in any kind of design that you like.

    So I have this little pattern. Now I am going to wrap my egg in my dyed-up mess here. You are just going to fold it in itself. Your fingers will get full of dye. If you want the dye to move around, you can squirt it with water or you can just dump some of the water right on top of the paper towel. That really makes a mess, but its really fun.

    Then what you are going to do is you are going to take your egg, bring it out a bit. Then you are going to wrap it up in a rubber band and let it dry. You are going to put in air carton and let it dry overnight. Then when you come back the next morning, you open up a wonderfully decorated tie-dye egg. You get all the texture from the cloth. So its just a really rich, a really intense color that you are going to highlight on your egg and its a really intense design. Coming up next, we are going to marbleize eggs with vegetable oil and food coloring.