Decorative Thanksgiving Table Touches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Design expert Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to create a simple, yet festive Thanksgiving themed table for your holiday meal.

    Sherry Tyra: The holiday season is fast approaching. I am going to show you how to create an impressive table skate for your family and friends.

    The key to a gorgeous table is to layer different textures and colors for visual, interest and dimension. A simple table cloth will capture the colors of the season. A wicker charger will anchor the plate setting and give it some seasonal texture. Instead of using matching pieces try grouping different styles of dinner plates, salad plates and soup bowls of complementary colors for a more interesting modern look.

    The centerpiece will be the focal point of your table. I have paired a simple harvest floral reef with the candelabra, but any combination of florals and candles will complement the table. Keep your centerpiece low. You want to avoid creating a barrier between your guests.

    Make simple items special. Try taking a floral pick covering the stem with florist tape and curving it into a circle for an inexpensive napkin ring. Here I've taken craft stickers that I've punched a hole in and simply ran a ribbon through to create harvest leaves around the wine glasses.

    Surprise guests with pumpkin place card holders that can either display guest names or sentiments of the season.

    With very little effort and a little creativity you can transform any ordinary table into holiday magic. Happy Thanksgiving!