Deep Tissue Massage – Compressions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do compressions when giving a deep tissue massage.

    Kenya Bailey: My name is Kenya Bailey and today I am going to demonstrate how to give a deep tissue massage and I am going to start with doing compressions. To start with the compressions, go over the feet, then you go over the calf muscles. Just pretty much loosening up the muscles, then you go over the hamstring muscles, the gluteal muscles. It's pretty good to get into the glutes because a lot of people carry a lot of stress in their gluteus muscles. From there, I'll go from the lower back, to the mid back, to the upper back and I'll push in.

    Pretty much this is just adjusting the person's pain tolerance. I put my knees in the person's lower and the gluteus maximus and pretty much just go down the gluteus minimus and maximus, going back down from their mid back to the lower back, right here, I just pretty much put a lot of pressure on your lower back because of a lot of pressure that is kept in this area and work my way back down. Quadriceps, back on to the calf muscle and down off the table, back into the feet area because we know a lot of the pressure is on your feet because you are mostly on your feet all day and it absorbs a lot of shock and pressure. That's how we do the compressions and now I am going to show you how to do deep tissue massage on the back of the person's body.