Deep Tissue Massage – Legs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to massage the legs with deep tissue massage.

    Kenya Bailey: Hi, this is Kenya Bailey and I am showing you how to do a deep tissue message today and we're going to go ahead and massage the leg area. I'll go ahead and apply the oil here and do the bow stance, move my arm all the way at the person's glute and down over the quadriceps area and the calf muscle area back over to glutes. This stroke right here, this applies the pressure and gets you deep into the person's muscle, okay.

    With this here you have to be very, very careful of the Popliteal area. This is another endangerment side. So you definitely don't want to put any pressure on that person's body right there. Okay, then I'd take my hand in a very stiff position and make sure body position is good, your body mechanics are very important. Now I push up, go all the way over the Greater Trochanter is a great area for you to apply this move to and here is the Greater Trochanter area, knees will back down, remember to avoid, you can just remove your pressure and go down the person's calf.

    From there I apply a Petrissage move. This is pretty much just lifting up the person's calf and then go down with your hand and back over. What you can do is pick up the person's leg, put the leg over your shoulder, alright I'll get some more lotion and just move that muscle down and always you want to remember massaging always goes towards the heart. Pull the muscle out a little bit I mean leg out a little bit and then you go back down.

    That's how you do deep tissue massage on the leg area. Next I am going to show you how to massage the feet.