Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will discuss deep tissue massage therapy and how to give a deep tissue massage.

    Kenya Bailey: Hi, my name is Kenya Bailey and today I am demonstrating how to give a deep tissue massage. A brief overview of what we are going to do today is pretty much to show you how to demonstrate and actually, to do the deep tissue massage. We are going to go over the whole back area of the person; the upper back, the mid back, the lower back, the gluteo area and we'll also show you the arms. For today's purpose, we are only going to be demonstrating deep tissue massage on one side of the body. You would actually go ahead and do both sides of the body when you are doing a deep tissue massage, and so you don't want to leave the body uneven.

    First we have to start with the basics of the tools that you will need to do a deep tissue massage. I suggest that you actually have a massage table or you can do it on the floor, with the mat. You need to make sure the person has some type of cushion underneath their body. You start with oil or lotion. I prefer oil because of the strokes and actually, it helps lubricate the person's body a lot better to me than lotion which gets absorbed quickly into the skin. With any kind of massage, deep tissue, Swedish, you want to always find out about the person's medical condition. Anything acute is always something that you do not massage. Fever, if a person has a fever, you do not give them a massage. You have also keep in your mind there are certain endangerment sites on the body which we will go over throughout the video and there are certain contra indicators as there anything acute or fever definitely will be something that you would not massage the person for. Before we begin, I will like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a massage therapist. I have been doing this now for a year. I love what I do, so let's get started.