Deep Water Exercises for Thighs & Rear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Susan Foster demonstrates deep water excercises for thighs and rear.

    Susan Foster: Hi! I am Susan Foster, Founder of New Attitude Exercise in Nashville, Tennessee. Next we're going to be talking about deep water work for thighs & rear end. Let's get started. The first exercise, we're going to look at is called Russian Leg. Grab a belt, pop it on, go down to the deep end. Doesn't this look fashionable? Have you ever seen there was all Cossack dances, well that's where this came from. It works to outer thigh, works inner thigh.

    Each leg stroke comes up from the hip, the knee stays quiet, turned down. One leg stroke, next leg stroke, beautiful. Now, really push down with your leg, push down with your leg, you'll start to travel, this will build your cardio workout and then reach with the arm, sweep the water to the chest. Sweep, and sweep, and sweep. Now, you are dancing down the deep end and working the thighs and backside.

    The next one, is called Long Leg. The leg lifts for the hip and pushes down. Each leg stroke works from the hip. Now, to work the gluteus maximus, concentrate on pulling the heel down to the vertical position. If you would like to work the inner thigh a little more, turn the toe out, continue to lift. To intensify the cardio that you are getting, reach with the arm, pull the water to the chest. Pull the water to the chest, now you're traveling, long legs style.

    The next one is called Heel Curls to the Back. This is fabulous for toning all the hamstrings and the gluteals. Here's is how you do it. Lift, lift, lift. Arch back slightly, almost like you're reaching toward your heels. Take a check down, make sure your knees are not in front of you. So this is not what we're looking for, but this heel lift, heel lift is what we're looking for.

    Once you get the move in place, you can increase the tempo. Your last move is called wide-angle straighten legs. Sit tall in the deep end, chest lifted, reach with arms upfront, straighten the legs, leave the arms where you started with them. Now, pull the legs back in, wide legs, good. Continue to sit tall, don't slouch back. Nice.

    Now, watch, you can increase the tempo on the out, soft in, out, soft in or work the inner thigh more by concentrating on the squeeze to the center, easy out. Squeeze to the center, easy out. Great training for everything below the belt. Great work for everything below the belt. Now, we're going to go to flex and stretch exercises for tight shoulders.