Dent Repair Using a Finger

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan Schwarzkopf of Five Seasons Auto Repair, demonstrates how to remove dents from your car including a technique using your finger.

    Dan Schwarzkopf: My name is Dan Schwarzkopf. I work at 5 Seasons Auto Rebuilders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am going to be showing your today how to remove dents from your car without damaging the paint by using a backside of a hammer, a hard piece of wood, a hard piece of plastic or just with your fingertips. Let's get started. I located this dent right here, it is the easiest one to get to from the topside as well as the bottom side. I am trying to push the dent up working from the outside and towards the middle. Try work the dent out, just using my fingers here. I am feeling the dent with my fingers, I am trying to place my right hand over the dent, so I can make sure that the things are lined up. As I am pushing out on that outside end, I am going to be working on the dent from the outside to the middle. I am just moving my hands around the outside of it. So I am trying to make -- see where the metals is going to be moving the most at, so I want to proceed very slowly. I don't want to pop -- going here and just pop the dent out. I will cost too much damage to the metal, I would fatigue it, and you definitely do not want because you have an oil can effect which makes it go pop in and out all by its own. I can't get down with my fingers on the back side, so I am going to go ahead and use a piece of wood, the backside of a hammer. I am going to be using a curve side, not the edge. If I use the edge, I am going to put a crease in the metal, that will cause more damage. And once again, I need to locate the dent. Just slightly pushing up with the hammer, just like to locate it. Right now I am on the backside of the dent right here, I am moving the hammer around in a circular motion on the backside, working this backside of the dent. I can tell that I am not getting the dent out on that. Getting out the dent out just using the backside of the hammer. Once again, I am starting from the outside, working my way into the middle. My hands are on the backside, so I could feel where the hammer is going and almost applying pressure downwards. So I can try and remove -- work that metal around back into position. And unfortunately, I cannot do it because the metal is just way too stiff for me to do. So I am going to move into the next step which is the PDR kit where you can buy in your local home center, over the internet, TV and I will be showing you that step next.