Dent Repair with a Hair Dryer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan Schwarzkopf of Five Seasons Auto Repair, demonstrates how to remove dents from your car including a technique using a hair dryer.

    Dan Schwarzkopf: My name is Dan Schwarzkopf. I work at 5 Seasons Auto Rebuilders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and and in this video, we are going to be showing you how to remove dents from your car without damaging the paint by just using a hair dryer. This is just a hair dyer. You can pick up anywhere. You might even have one at home in your drawer, in your bathroom. First I am going to be putting the hair dryer over the top of the metal, getting that metal nice and warm. But I only want to only heat up the metal over the dent. Now am trying to heat up the exact same dent that I used earlier with our dry ice. I am just checking to see how hot that metal is getting and also just to make it sure that the heat that I am applying to the metal is just on top of that dent. By using heat on top of your metal you can severely damage the metal on your car by fatiguing it, you will get an oil can effect which looks like popping up and down, if you use too much heat and that's certainly definitely we do not want because that also adds road noise as you go right down the road. Alright, that spot is getting nice and warm now. I can barely keep my hand on it. Nice and hot. Now with my other hand protected with the glove, that's -- you do not want to burn yourself. Safety is always a consideration when we are working around cars and metal. I just turned the hair dryer down a little bit because I don't need all that heat anymore. The metal is nice and warm. Now as you getting to the backside of the dent, feel free to take the backside of your hand, going underneath of the car and work that dent up. Push it up with just your fingertips. You want to use just your fingertips, try not to use your thumb. The thumb is way too strong. You pop that dent up too fast, you have an oil can affect. You definitely do not want that. Just work around the outside of the dent, pushing the metal around. I am working from the outside in. That metal has started to cool off, I want to get it a little bit harder again, so I am going to turn the hair dryer on to high. Once again, just slowly as it is heating up, I am working on the outside of the metal with just my fingertips, these four fingers right here. Remember, you definitely do not want to get that metal any hotter except on the area you are working. Once again, it's hot, and I said if you can get to the back side of the hood, which that dent is right there on the under structure, I can't get to it with my hands, and I know I can't get to it with any tool underneath because it's on the bad spot. Unfortunately, that dent is not coming out because it's in the bad spot on the hood. The hair dryer is a method I would not use and I would not recommend anyone else to use it mainly because it doesn't apply enough heat and if you are not experienced enough in how metal works, how the structure of the metal works, the hair dryer, you can cause a lot of damage to your car by applying heat with a hair dyer. It can cause more damage to your car or you can do -- if you bring it to a professional having taking care of that after you tried this method, they are going to ask you what you did and then they will probably say, Oh, we are going to replace the hood or the figure on your car because you used a hair dryer and you severely fatigued the metal in your car. So you are going to cost yourself more money in the end then what you started with. When you began to start with trying to fix your problem yourself and doing it for a little or no cost. This concludes this video on 'How to remove dents from your car without damaging your paint.

    ' I hope you have better luck than I have working the metal -- the dents out of your car in your own home in the driveway and your garage. Good luck.