Dent Repair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan Schwarzkopf of Five Seasons Auto Repair, demonstrates how to remove dents from your car.

    Dan Schwarzkopf: My name is Dan Schwarzkopf. I work at 5 Seasons Auto Rebuilders. I am an Auto Body Collision repair specialist. I will be showing you how to remove dents from your car without damaging the paint, by using just your hands and fingers. Also, we will be showing you how to use a PDR kit, a Paintless Dent Removal kit that you can find on the internet, on TV or a hardware store. I am also going to be showing you why the method of dry ice and a hair dyer does not work. Tools that you are going to be needing - a hammer, a piece of plastic, a pair of gloves, also a pair of rubber gloves, you will be working with chemicals and also a pair of safety glasses. You also want to remember you are working with tools and also around a car so you got to think safety. On the other side of the car, you are going to find sharp pieces of metal. You can severely injure yourself on these pieces of metal. So exercise caution. Let's go ahead and proceed -- with try to remove dents with your hands and fingers.