Dental Care – How To Floss

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Isabel Kelly, a practicing general dentist, discusses different types of floss and how to floss properly to maintain good oral hygiene.

    Isabel Kelly

    Isabel L. Kelly, D.D.S. is a general dentist located in McLean, VA. She has her own practice which focuses maintaining a good adult, pediatric and family patient rapport in a cosmetic, aesthetic, and preventive dental setting. A graduate of William and Mary College and Creighton University Medical Center, Dr. Kelly served as a dental associate in various dental offices before opening her own professional practice. She is uniquely certified in both southern regional states through the SRTA clinical boards and central regional states through the CRDTS clinical boards. In her free time, Dr. Kelly enjoys travelling, sailing, playing tennis, and enjoying the outdoors. She lives in Virginia with her husband, two dogs, a cat, and is excitedly expecting her first baby.

    Dr. Isabel Kelly: Hello! My name is Dr. Isabel Kelly and I am general practicing dentist in McLean, Virginia. I on my own practice where I see pediatric, adult and entire families and my primary focus is on cosmetic and general dentistry. We are going to talk about today flossing techniques and there is actually different flosses out there. There is wax and un-wax floss, I prefer the wax floss over the un-wax floss because Wax floss shreds less easily and there is also the dental tape and the dental tape is very good for people who have teeth that are very close together. Since I havent really looked this patients teeth, I assume they are very close together and this is just the easiest one to use. So, we are going to use the dental tape today to demonstrate. So lets get started.

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