Describe “senioritis” and why should students and parents beware?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jerome Cole, Director of College Counseling at the Edmund Burke School in Washington D.C., discusses what “senioritis” is and why students and parents should beware.

    Jerome A. Cole, MA

    Jerome A. Cole, M.A., is the Director of College Counseling for the Edmund Burke school in Washington, D.C. and the founder of Cole Educational Consulting Services (Cole ECS.) He has worked with students and families for over seven years to help them plan and strategize for college. As a college counselor at Burke, an independent college preparatory high school founded in 1968, Mr. Cole oversees a program that is designed to support students and families as they go through the selection and admission process for college. Mr. Cole advises over 100 students each year in a small academically challenging environment where every senior is expected to apply to and enroll in college. Prior to Burke, he was a school counselor at Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school in Montgomery County, Maryland. He has successfully counseled hundreds of students and helped them prepare for admission to a variety of schools such as: American University, Clark-Atlanta University, Davidson College, George Washington University, Harvard University, Pitzer College, Stanford University, Temple University, and the University of Maryland at College Park, to highlight just a few. He established the consulting firm Cole ECS to provide students and families with the necessary information and support to make the best choice for college. Cole ECS defines the best choice as the optimal learning and social environment to ensure a student’s holistic success, culminating in on-time or early graduation and desirable post-graduate options. Mr. Cole earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Catholic University, and then went on to obtain a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from George Washington University. He is certified as a school counselor and is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC).

    Host: Describe Senioritis and why should students and parents beware?

    Jerome Cole: Depending on what high school you go to, you will hear this term being used Senioritis Senior Slump what have you. It is just a description that we use to talk about a student who has had a decline in their academic performance, the grades have slipped slightly. The issue here is that, as a student, you have been admitted to college. So, at this point you say to yourself, I am all done. I am going to State University, I have been admitted, I have gone out and bought my T-shirt. You are all excited, Now, I am going to graduate on time. So, if I slow down, if I take a little bit off, it is okay. It s actually not okay. Colleges reserve the right to go back and reverse their decision based on students demonstrating a decline in the senior year. This happens, this happens every year, where colleges unfortunately, have to issue letters onto schools, excuse me, to students, asking for an explanation of exactly what happened and to go back and reconsider the decision that they made earlier in the year. That decision was made based on not only what they saw in your transcript at that time, but what you did up until the end of your senior year.

    So, you never want to put as a student, you never want to put yourself in a position where you receive one of these letters, where the decision that a college or university has made, they are going back and reconsidering that decision, because there has been a decline in your performance. So, my message to students and to parents is to continue to work hard, maintain those grades and understand that the reason that you were accepted is because of those grades. So, you do not want to give them reason to question your ability or your commitment to education. So, keep working hard and do not let senioritis or senior slump, whatever words you want to use to describe it, do not let that slip into your performance.

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