Determing the Length and Width of the Table Cloth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Seamstress Beth Bates demonstrates how to determine the length and width of a tablecloth.

    Beth Bates: Hi, I am Beth Bates with Today, I am going to teach you how to make a lined tablecloth. The very first thing we need to do is measure the length and your width of your table. For demonstration purposes I have drawn a tabletop here and you will take your ruler and of course you will measure the length and your width. Okay, then you need to figure out how much excess fabric you want to hang off the sides. This is called the drop, the part of the fabric that will come down off the table.

    I suggest you actually fit at the table you are sewing the tablecloth for, to make sure you don't have too much excess fabric sitting in your lap. You don't want your guest sitting at the table and get up and swipe the whole table clean. So after you determine that, come on back to probably in your case a piece of paper but for this purpose the dry erase board and go ahead and determine your finished length.

    Now for demonstration purposes the type of table square I am making today is for a 30 inch round table and I wanted to hang 12 inches off at the corner on either side so I take my calculator. It's 30 inch round plus 12 plus 12 equals 54. So I am going to be making a table square or a lined tablecloth 54 inches x 54 inches. Okay, it's actually about a yard and a half. So let's go ahead and get started on our tablecloth.