Determining the Height and Width of Your Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme discusses how to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home including determining the height and width of your tree.

    Bill Quinn: Hi, I am Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme. Today, I am going to talk to you about the how to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home. First, let's talk about how to determine the height and the width of the Christmas tree and the very first thing, this tree has been set up and the how you would measure is from the very tip top, the stick is on top down to the bottom to the floor including the stand. That is very important, that is the question we get all the time. Is that including the stand? Yes, it does include the stand. As far as measuring the width, if you pull the branch taunt and then have someone pull the branch taunt on the other side and then measure through the middle, that is how wide the tree is. That is how it measured when you see on the side of the box. So, the point being if you let go there is going to be a little bit of spring or if you put some heavy ornaments on the branch, it will make the tree a little bit more narrow, if the tree is 54 inches, it may actually be 52 inches when you decorate it because branch is going to sag a little bit with heavier type of ornaments.

    So let's talk about, this tree is obviously been set up measured for this point. How did we determine the width and the height of the tree? Well, what we are going to do here we have selected this general area for our Christmas tree. We are going to take some masking tape, and we are going to lay down some pieces of tape so that we can get a idea of what the Christmas tree is going to look like when it is set up. How much space is it going to take up in our home. And we are going to put a piece up on the wall, so we can approximately get just underneath the window, so that when we put our topper up, the topper is going to line up just with the top of the window seal. So now, what we have if you can visualize a cone coming up and now we are going to measure. How wide a tree we are going to be able to have. Okay, so this is about 54 inches, and then the height. So, in this case we are looking at a about seven and a half feet, so we are able to have a seven foot tree in our home and one note about the descriptions you will see on Christmas trees, you will see words like - pencil, slim, medium and full and people mistakenly think that that is talking about the density of the branches. There is no standard in our industry that says a full tree has to be 54 inches wide, really what it means is if it says full that is probably a medium or a slim or a pencil version of that same tree available. Now we have, successfully determined the height and the width of the tree that we can put into our home. Next, lets talk about whether you should have an Artificial tree or a Fresh tree.