Detroit is the Potato Chip Capitol of the World

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Residents of Detroit consume more potato chips than any other city and enjoy flavors from National brands and local favorites. Even the healthiest Detroit residents savor the salty snacks.

    Amikka Smith: Chips, it's a popular snack, in fact, according to the Snack Food Association more than four out of five American households eat potato chips and Detroiters say they know why.

    Male Speaker: It is good chips.

    Female Speaker: I like to sweep barbecue flavor and I like the cheesy waffle.

    Male Speaker: Its taste is excellent.

    Amikka Smith: Here in Detroit BETTER MADE snack foods uses a special ingredient that does not break down easily, and provides consumers with a neutral flavor.

    Phil Gusmano: The cottonseed oil; and cottonseed oil has a consistent taste and the people who grew up into metro Detroit area grew up eating BETTER MADE and they grew up eating cottonseed oil.

    Amikka Smith: On average Detroiters eat 7 pounds of chips per year, according to the BETTER MADE Snack Food website that's three times more than any other place in the country making Detroit the potato chip capital.

    Even with Detroit being the chip capital that does not mean everyone likes chips.

    Female Speaker: It's kind of healthy, you know, I try to stay away from the greasy food.

    Amikka Smith: With all the variety of brands available, Detroiters have their preferences.

    Female Speaker: We grew up our RedHots, plain chips with RedHot Barbeque Sauce.

    Female Speaker: When I do choose a potato chip I usually choose either the sea salt or no salt in the kettle chips.

    Male Speaker: I gear toward Lay's because they are consistent, they go with everything, go to hot dog, go to hamburger, go to pollo sauces.

    Amikka Smith: At a local park we found the hot dog vendor and he says he knows why Detroit is the potato chip capital.

    Male Speaker: I know we eat a lot of potato chips, because there is a lot of different brand sold, and you've got BETTER MADE and Lay's and lot of people I see eating Pringles and with me being out here at the ballpark, I mean that we are potato chip king.

    Amikka Smith: If Detroiters are eating BETTER MADE, Lay's or another brand one thing is for sure, they love chips.

    From Detroit I am Amikka Smith.