Detroit’s Best Views

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Despite Detroit’s less than modern reputation, a unique collection of buildings and geography have created stunning views all over the city.

    Mandy Moran: Detroit isn't exactly known for its beauty, but there are spectacular views if you know where to look. Belle Isle Park is the largest island city park in the US. People from all around Detroit come here to get away from the hustle of the city and take in the beautiful view from across the river.

    Duawn Payne: It is one of my favorite views, favorite place to sit back and just kick it. Time goes by real slow. We've got the GM a little behind you, Canadian Casino lit up on the other side of the bridge.

    Swetha Yeleti: This is beautiful, that's the reason why we are here, this is the best place that everyone can visit and enjoy.

    Mandy Moran: Another ideal spot Hart Plaza near the Detroit River is located at the side at which Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac landed in 1701 when he founded the settlement that became Detroit.

    Takaila Butler: One of my best spots to be in Hart Plaza, it's free, anybody can come, and nice little waterfall here, it's quite. Also the river that's behind me is beautiful.

    Mandy Moran: And lastly the steps of the Joe Louis Hockey Arena are one of the most unique places to observe Detroit's diverse architectural styles.

    Matthew Lewis: This is a great view, because you see different areas of Detroit and some of its failures and successes all in one scope from the People Mover and then in front of it you have this sort of architecture reminiscent of the RoboCop movies, and then just to the right of that perhaps Detroit's finest building the Penobscot Building.

    The landscape presents sort of a futurism of the 1980's of what maybe people thought the world was going to look like in the future, but now it kind of looks out of dated and the infrastructure is crumbling a little bit. Which is sort of Detroit's story maybe always a step behind, but sort of makes it charming in sense. There's lots of talk of demolishing the stadium, so kind of got to enjoy well at last and look at the view from here, it's strangely beautiful.

    Mandy Moran: This is Mandy Moran reporting from Detroit.