Diabetes Management – Healthy Coping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Janice Hidalgo, Project Manager for the Diabetes Self Management Educational Program at IPRO, talks about the emotional aspect of the disease.

    Janice Hidalgo: Hello! I am Janice Hidalgo, Project Manager for the Diabetes Self Management Educational Program at IPRO. Now I am going to talk about the emotional aspect of the disease. Diabetes can affect you physically and emotionally. Living with it every day can make you feel discouraged, stressed out or even depressed. The important thing is to recognize these emotions as normal. Take steps to reduce the negative impact they may have on your self-care. The way you deal with your emotional lows is called "coping.

    " Healthy coping methods might include prayer, meditation, exercise, relaxation techniques, enjoyable hobbies, join your support groups, keeping a journal, listening to music or talking to friends. Having a support network is key to healthy coping. Be sure to develop and nurture partnerships in your personal life with your significant other, loved ones and friends. Go to group educational sessions where you can meet and relate to other people going through the same experiences. Jane Giordano: Diabetes can be very emotionally draining. So one thing that I like to tell patients is don't feel so overwhelmed or that you are all alone because there is help for you and if someone is feeling that way, one good outlet is the support group where you can talk to other people who have diabetes and share your experience with them and try to get some support from people who can really help you. Janice Hidalgo: Sometimes emotional lows can be lengthy and have a more serious impact on your life, health and relationships. This can be a sign of depression. Depression is a very serious illness but it can be effectively treated if you seek help from a mental health professional. Tell you health care provider if you feel any of these symptoms. Don't have interest or find pleasure in your activities, avoid discussing your diabetes with family and friends, sleep most of the day, and don't see the benefits in taking care of yourself. Feel like diabetes is conquering you. If you feel like you can't take care of yourself. If you like to learn more about diabetes self management check out our other videos in these series including how to reduce your risk for other health problems.