Diabetes – Working with Your Health Care Team

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Clare Bradley, Chief Medical Officer of IPRO, discusses how to work with your health care providers to manage diabetes.

    Dr. Clare Bradley: Hello! My name is Dr. Clare Bradley, Chief Medical Officer of IPRO. Today I'm talking about diabetes and now I'll discuss how to work with your healthcare team as an important part of managing your diabetes.

    Because diabetes care can be complex, you will probably see a number of healthcare professionals regularly. Your doctor may use a team approach to diabetes care. Your healthcare team consists of individuals with various specialties. They might include a primary care provider or clinician and specialist to prevent worsening of diabetes due to macrovascular and microvascular damage, as I discussed in video 4.

    A dentist to prevent gum disease, a dietitian or diabetes educator to promote proper eating and fitness, and a social-worker or other professional to assist in maintaining good mental health.

    See numerous doctors can sometimes lead to confusion about medications, follow-up tests and self-care, so to get the most out of your doctor visits the national institutes of health recommends bringing the following to each appointment.

    A list of past and present medical concerns and conditions, a list of your allergies if you have any, all medications you take including over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements, a description of any symptom you may have been experiencing, a notepad to write down information, and your blood glucose log.

    Remember, you are your own best advocate and you are the most important member of your diabetes care team. Preparing for your doctor visits, asking the right questions and following up appropriately will help you get the most out of every appointment.