Diet Tips – How to Make a Quick Chili Dish with Whole Grains

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Healthy food author and Diana Mirkin demonstrates how to cook a quick chili dish with whole grains.

    Diana Mirkin

    Diana Mirkin has taught thousands of people how to make healthful foods taste delicious. She is co-author of four books with her husband, Dr. Gabe Mirkin: The Healthy Heart Miracle; The Good Food Book; The 20/30 Fat and Fiber Diet Plan; and Fat Free, Flavor Full. Each of these books includes 100 or more of her recipes featuring whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. For many years Diana co-hosted The Dr. Gabe Mirkin Show, a syndicated radio show taking call-in questions on health, nutrition and fitness. Although the show is not in production at this time, it is still widely aired via their web site, . She co-writes their weekly newspaper column, eZine, and blog covering the same topics. Diana is a graduate of Vassar College and has an MBA from Loyola College. When she's not writing or inventing tasty new recipes, she's usually out riding her bicycle, gardening or exercising her dogs.

    Diana Mirkin: I am Diana Mirkin and now I am going to show you how to use whole grains that we have cooked. We have got some lovely brown rice here and today we are going to make a very quick chilly to serve over the brown rice. You use any of the whole grains whether its brown rice, barley, the wild rice, or any of the wheat berries that you have cook, all get used the same way. They get used the same way you would use pasta or white rice. You pour things over the top of them, you stir them into soups, you make salads out of them, anyway you would use pasta, you can use whole grains. So, today we are going to take brown rice and we are going to put chilly over it.

    Now, I am going to show you the worlds fastest chilly recipe and I will tell you the trick for making it fast. Its buying these chopped up peppers and onions in a bag, in the freezer section in your supermarket. Usually when I make chilly I start out by chopping up the peppers and chopping up the onions and that takes five or six minutes, but this takes 2 seconds. I will cut them from bag and pour it in the pot. The next ingredient in our chilly recipe is just a can of tomatoes. I have got peeled Italian tomatoes here, whatever tomato product you like one big can goes into the pot, then two cans of (Inaudible). Notice how carefully I have to measure everything. You just pour it out of the can into the pot, and we will turn on the heat, stir things up, mash up those tomatoes a little bit. Now, I am going to add some seasonings. I am going to add a little bit of bullion granules just for flavor, I have got some beef bullion here, couple of teaspoons, about a teaspoon or two of chilly powder. I use the mild chilly powder because I like to figure out exactly how hard I like my chilly and I will do that with some hot pepper sauce. So, mild chilly powder, get one that smells good to you and then a little cumin, about a teaspoon again. You can add garlic if you want or you can make sure that your chilly powder has some garlic in it and then shake in few drops of hot sauce to your taste. You can make this out of if you mild chilly if you want it tasty add some more. Put the chilly, the hot sauce on the table and let your gas heat, add chilly season to your own taste. Now, soon as this is hot and bubbling, its ready to pour over my brown rice, which is sitting here ready. So, this is what you call a one dish meal. You put your grains in the bottom, half of cup or so makes a good size serving and then you put your hot chilly over the top of it, and you have a whole meal. You might want to add a green salad, have some food for dessert and you are set.

    Next, we are going to talk about why whole grains are so good for you to eat.