Different Cake Pan Shapes & Holiday Flavors

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bundt pan expert Jenny Dalquist discusses different Bundt Pan shapes and flavors.

    Jenny Dalquist: Hi! I'm Jenny Dalquist from Nordic Ware. We're working on how to decorate holiday bundts to give as gift this year. Right now, we're going to talk about a couple of the different popular shapes that people like to bake in at Christmas time.

    We have the gingerbread cottage pan, which is a cute little woodsy cottage with window boxes and four nice Christmas trees that are able to be decorated. They look great with powdered sugar sprinkled on top of them.

    We also have a wreath pan that has a beautiful bow and pinecones, and some holly sticking out in different areas on it. This makes a wonderful presentation after dinner as a dessert on your Christmas table. We have holiday mini loaves, which are eight miniature cake designs ranging from candy cans to Christmas trees to snowman. Those are great for gift giving. They can be packaged in a bag together and given as a wonderful little gift. Finally we have the holiday tree pan, which is eight snowy pine trees in a circle. The base of the pan has a little train running around it.

    During the holidays, we start to see a lot of new flavors showing up in baker's kitchens that aren't around during the rest of the year. These are things like spice cakes, fruit cakes, sticky toffee pudding cakes, mint and chocolate cakes, as well as eggnog flavors. So today, we're going to be demonstrating the use of our sticky toffee pudding cake mix.

    So now that we've run through the flavors, let's get started with a little bit of baking. I'm going to show you how to properly bake a holiday bundt before we get started with decorating.