Digital TV Transition – How to Connect a Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

    Published: 06-16-2009
    Views: 85,846 discusses the digital TV transition and shows how to connect a digital to analog TV converter box.

    Next, you take the antenna output from the converter box back to the antenna input of the TV, the same way we have hooked up a VCR for the last 25 years. If your analog TV has audio jacks for stereo sound, the converter box will provide that as well. So all you need to do is hook up the stereo cables to the left and right output jacks of the box to the left and right input jacks on your TV, then you will have stereo sound.

    Now that we have hooked up the converter box, I have turned the TV around again and let me show you how we scan the channels. First, you turn on the converter box, turn on the TV and you want to tune the TV to channel three or four just like a VCR. The first thing you will see as in a quick install guide, a welcome screen and you just walk through the process. I am going to choose English as my language, but this box also has the menus in Spanish and French. To search for channels, you push a button and this will go through -- remember this is receiving digital broadcasting through the same antenna that this old TV used to receive the analog broadcasting. So right now, it's searching for the new digital channels. Searching for the digital channels takes under a minute and in our case, we found over 25 digital channels available. From here you have a crystal-clear digital picture.

    Remember, the snow, the ghost, the interference we had with the analog signal, now that the digital signal is coming through the same antenna through the converter box, you get this nearly DVD quality picture. Not only is it better picture but you get more programming, so that's it.

    Your Digital-to-Analog Converter box is really easy to set up. So you are well prepared for the transition to digital TV on February 17th of 2009. Thank you for watching.