Dipping and Decorating Chocolate Strawberries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Kingsbury of the ACKC Cocoa Bar demonstrates how to properly dip and decorate strawberries.

    Rob Kingsbury: Hi! I am Rob Kingsbury with the ACKC Cocoa Bar and today we are showing you how to dip and decorate delicious strawberries. So for the finale we are actually going to be doing the dipping and the decorating. So to start right off I am just going to grab some strawberries, dip them in different types of dark chocolate, show some of the different ingredients so you can have fun with as far as sprucing up your berries and giving them that wow effect and then I will finish off by doing some formal berries, the Tuxedo berry and Wedding Gown strawberry. So easy enough, grab a berry, you want to make sure that you pull back all the leaves, and you are going to hold the berry by the stem with the leaves when you dip it into the dark chocolate, the milk chocolate or the white chocolate. So I am just going to start off by doing a white chocolate dip, real easy, throw the berry in, allow some of the chocolate to fall back off and so you are not bringing drips all over your counter work ,hold it upside down, that way the chocolate is going to pull back down a little bit just because of the nature of gravity and then you can put it down on your wax paper. And after we do a little dipping here, I will put these in the refrigerator just for a couple of minutes just so the chocolate can set up and snap into place and be nice and firm. So anyways, we will do one white chocolate, I am going to do one milk chocolate, one dark chocolate, just to get your taste buds watering and then we will do a little more decorative work. So again dip it in, let the gravity work for you, and then place the berry. The other thing with decorating with the strawberries is that it's nice to show a little bit of the actual red strawberries. So just dipping and allowing the chocolate to come up about three quarters of the way gives you a nice look of chocolate, the berry and the green stem to them. So and then as far as what you could do with the dipped strawberry at this point is really open to what you want to use, or what ingredients that you personally like. So let's go with a little white chocolate and I have got some beautiful fresh shredded coconut, which I thought would look really pretty on these. So come right in, give it a twirl, load it up there and you have a great looking strawberry covered in coconut, and let's do another berry. This time let's do a little milk chocolate which I think would taste great with chopped nuts and some toffee bits blended together, all of which are real easy to make. You can buy the toffee bits at the grocery store and the nuts as well, throw them in your Cuisinart, just pulse it a couple of times so they grind up a little smaller than what you are going to purchase out of the package, do another milk chocolate and this time let's just rolled in some dark chocolate jimmies. There we go. Oh that's look great. And I also have some chopped up oreos which are really easy. You can just take the oreos that you buy right over the counter at your grocery store, put them in your Cuisinart, pulse it up, grind them until they are nice and fine and voila! you have oreo crumbs. Center it all, don't worry about the cream filing. It actually blends right up just like this, cool. That one looks awesome. Alright. Kind of a dirty strawberry look there but it looks yummy. And then I have just some fun M&Ms which I think are cool to work with and the kids love this kind of stuff, and this is great with kids as well. They can have a lot of fun. Be really creative design their own berry and when you can do the whole field trip take them to the store, let them pick out some decorations. Cool. Now who wouldn't want that? Cool. We will do just one more with the little chips, I will do it in dark chocolate. Give it a good roll. Voila. And then I also have just some sugar, sugar sprinkles. It should work particularly pretty on opposite color of chocolate. So since I have some red here and some white, I will do a white chocolate. Just give it a little sprinkle with the red crystals. Cool. So this is really pretty. In fact you could use whatever colors, you want to do a little decoration for the holidays, doing a little red and green sprinkle on there would look great. And then I will do a dark chocolate and do just a little bit of white crystal. These are a little bit larger than just pure sugar, so they have really pretty effect when you put the crystal on there. Cool.

    Alright so coming up on our next segment, we are going to do is the formal Tuxedo berry and the matching wedding gown and I am just going to clean up a little bit and we will be right back with you.