Disc Golf Equipment and Rules of the Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frisbee expert Tom Schot demonstrates the rules of the game for disc golf.


    $"",":<<<<<<$(c)hH``u::p-c:0"YYYd``"Hi, I am Tom Schot, CEO World Disc Sports. I am here to teach you about disc golf. I want to show you the equipment we are going to use and I am going to tell you a few rules on how to play the game. You need basically, three discs. You need a putter. Putter has a very, very blunt edge to it. It flies to be a very slow, easy to control. That is your putter, all the players play with this type of discs. They putt with this very blunt edged disc. After you drive, you are going to need an approach shot and that quite is blunt it goes a little faster, but still easier to control. So, this is an approach disc. When you get up to the tee and you need the distance, you got to have a driver. Now, a driver has got a real sharp edge to it. Look at the difference between the driver and the putter. The driver right here with a sharp edge is very, very hard to control but it is very fast. You can extremely amount a lot of distance on this. When you throw this disc, the best way to throw it is head high. You do not want to throw it high in the air because you think you are going to go a long way. That does not happen. You want to throw it as flat as you can, through the air, to cut down the wind resistance. It is going to be squarely with this sharp edge but you are going to learn how to throw it.

    Remember, the blunt edges are for putting, the sharp edges are for driving. I carry a bag of discs. I have nine discs in here. Most players carry anywhere from 14 to 20 discs. Also, you need a towel. You want to keep your disc dry because it is easier to grip. Sometimes, you get caught in that tall grass and it has got some morning dew on it, it is a little wet. You want to be able to grab that disc and have a good control of it. One more thing about equipment, this is really important. You want to dress really comfortably, you want to have loose fitting clothes on and you want to have good shoes. Good shoes are really important. Your tee off shots, you don't want to be slipping. You want to be able to plant your feet, you throw with a lot of power, so a good, rigid, bottom sole shoe that is going to give you a grip is really important. Every hole is a par-three so, obviously if you get it in two, it is a birdie. It is just like ball golf. We have the same etiquette, the farthest (ph) player away throws first, the person who scored the best on the hole, before tees off first and that is our target back there. That is a Mach III basket. Those are chains hanging down. You want to hit the chains and land in the basket. If the disc hits the chains, lands in the basket and bounces out, it is no good. It has to come to rest in the basket. If the disc lands on the top of the basket where the chain structure is, it is no good. If the disc gets stuck in the outside cage of the basket, it is good because it is still supported by the basket. So, the objective is to give this disc in that basket.

    Now, that you know what equipment you need, you got your driver, your approach disc and your putter. Let us go over here and I am going to show you how to use them.

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