Disc Golf Stances and Throwing Equipment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frisbee expert Tom Schot demonstrates disc golf stances and throwing equipment.



    60SlhSSX4444444\4444444$$Tom Schot: I am Tom Schot, CEO of World Disc Sports, and member of Disc Golf Hall of Fame. I am going to show you two basic grips on how to hold the disc. These are going to be for the drive right now. There are two basic methods: one is in the back hand, where you grip the disc, thumb on top, four fingers underneath, You do want to put your finger on the outside, it's a bad habit to get into. All the fingers are on the bottom of the disc. You do not want to hold it lightly. Somebody cannot pull that disc out of your hand. The main thing when you throw this disc, you want to have snap on your release, you want to give it spin. Spin gives the disc, life. Always remember that when you are playing disc golf. The more spin you put on the disc, the more life that disc is going to have. Now we are going to talk about the stances, regarding each and every shot. You got the stance when you drive. You have to stance on your approach shot. You have to stance on your putt. When you drive, you can move your feet. You have a tee pad area, you have a designated area to tee off from. If your tee off pass the line, it's a foot fault, you have to re-tee. But you can move your feet. You do not have to stand in the same position on the tee pad, because, whatever - what's comfortable for you to release the disc.

    Now on your approach shot, when you come to get your disc, you retrieve your disc no matter where it's at, you cannot move that disc anywhere else, you have to put a marker down and you have to throw from behind that disc. So your balance point has got to be behind that disc. If you are behind a tree, you cannot move out three feet from behind that tree to make the shot. That is not part of the game. That is what makes the game tough. If you have to be able to learn the skill to throw those shots from wherever position you are at.

    Now, when you are putting, it is the same situation. You have a marker disc. You have to release that disc from behind your marker disc. If you release that disc and fall forward, it's called Falling Putt, and you have to re-putt. Now, that we have talked about the stances for each position, we are going to think about the approach, and we are going to approach the hole, and I am going to show you the shots that you are going to need to get to the hole. "| (r)3/[email protected]^m>CX_{|9=DUYe}"3/43/43/43/4sh;CJOJQJaJh?

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