Discover Florida Chocolate At Norman Love Confections

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Norman Love blends a master’s appreciation of the sensuous with the art of the chef to create handcrafted chocolates reserved for those who expect nothing less than perfection.

    Rachelle Lucas: The very first time I ever saw Norman Love Chocolates I fell in love with them. They are like these beautiful colorful little dolls presented so graciously in this perfect box that you almost want to eat them because they are just too perfect looking I was really amazed how beautiful they were, I have never seen anything like it in my life and when I found out they were made here I was even more impressed and so I really wanted to share that part of Florida with the world.

    Male Speaker: Chocolates is such universal ingredient. It can be used in so many different ways in creating sculptures, to making people happy and for me its really what inspired me and attracted me to this business Americans eats with their eyes. But chocolates not matter if they were in an expensive box or in an inexpensive box always looked the same. And I really believe that that element of surprise, that well factor that beautiful artistic expression didnt exist in chocolate. So I took some of the techniques that I had learned in making decorations and began to apply it to chocolates Rachelle Lucas: Walking through the factory you are just overwhelmed with all these wonderful sensations. I mean you see these beautiful colors, you smell the chocolate, its absolutely wonderful and then you see all these people really passion about what they are doing and making some of the best chocolates in the world that youve ever tasted.