Discover Jackson Soul Food

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Since 1946 Jackson Soul Food Restaurant has served visitors and residents of Miami Dade County providing traditional Soul Food and culinary delights.

    Stephana Dorsey Chapman Clark: I have been in this area all my life and Jackson's has always been around. Their food has always been delicious and I come all the times.

    Chef Richard Hutchinson: We have Chitlings, smothered pork chops, smothered liver, I mean you name it, and it's all good eating.

    Stephana Dorsey Chapman Clark: The history of our food, our culture started back in slavery. The throw bags as they would call it. The Chitlings or Chitterlings as they were saying, all those we had to make a meal out of with delicacy that became our food.

    Chef Richard Hutchinson: First of all we prepare -- how we prepare, everything is prepared from scratch, it's prepared from the heart and we cook with feeling. We don't just throw it in a microwave, throw it in a oven and get it ready. No, it's all about family. So we cook here like we are cooking for our own family. So we just wanted everybody to feel good and be happy. Thanks for coming.

    Vaughn Price: Jackson has an international reputation. We came always just to have their Peach Cobbler.

    Calvin Jackson: The Soul Food Deluxe, the breakfast is outstanding, the lunch is outstanding and it's just a delight to come here.

    Female Speaker: Honey! It's the soul food, it's the soul food.