Discovering Caladesi Island

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Gary McKechnie discovers Caladesi Island, a great beach for those who want to see what beaches were like before man arrived.

    Male Speaker: Caladesi Island State Park is just sort of like a pocket of solitude, giving you that chance to recall what Florida beaches looked like long before anybody showed up. Michael Lang: One of the nice things about this Park is you cant drive to it. You can come out to this Park, enjoy nature or enjoy the beach and you are not in a commercially effected area. There is no t-shirt sales, no bars, and its very quiet and relaxed. J. Bentley Jones: I love Florida. I have been coming down here my whole life; I am from South Carolina originally. Caladesi Island is one of the very few islands around here thats left thats been natural. It hasnt been developed by the developers. It was originally scheduled to be developed and then the Park Service basically bought the land and kept it as it is. Male Speaker: Sometimes you have to go out of your way to find yourself, and if you find yourself at Caladesi Island State Park, the cool thing is its so far off the beaten path that you cant help but relax once you get here.