Discovering Egmont Key

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Terry Tomalin discovers Egmont Key, an almost forgotten island, an historic lighthouse, incredible beaches, flora and fauna.

    Terry Tomlian: When you approach Egmont Key the first thing you do is, you see this lighthouse and you can't help to think that that was a beacon for so many people for so many years. It really takes you back in time.

    Mark Hubbard: It is beautiful, pristine and you come out here and enjoy the day picnicking, walking, hiking, the whole sudden half is a national wild like refugee. This is like a different world when you come to Egmont Key.

    Tom Watson: It's an Island that just catches you. I volunteered out here for years and years, and hours and hours and then one day, when I just thought this really what I wanted to do I applied for physician out here and I was very fortunate to get it and I have been out here about 15 years. Terry Tomlian: If you are on a vaccination and you are looking for some place to escape to see the real Florida you got to checkout Egmont Key.