Discovering Exotic Tropical Fruits

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Rachelle Lucas discovers a place where exotic tropical fruits are grown and harvested.

    Female Speaker: We are here with Curtis at the Fruit & Spice Park, and he is going to introduce us to all of these awesome tropical fruits. Some here I recognize and some here I dont, and I am very excited to taste them all.

    What is this pink one? Is this guava?

    Curtis Mangham: This is a guava. This is a pink guava; we have three varieties. In this area guavas were sold common, you could go and take it by the buckets full. And we used to bring it back and give it to the labors and they make jellies and jams that we are eating.

    This is Torch Ginger, but its used in a lot of high-end lotions and shampoos.

    Female Speaker: It feels great like it almost feels water, its not sticky at all.

    Curtis Mangham: No.

    Female Speaker: It smells very fresh and soft.

    Cutis Mangham: And it has a fragrance, a ginger fragrance too actually.

    Gary Cameron: Its peace in the country here, the fact that they have fruits that come from around the world are just an amazing benefit to live next to. But, as an artist I love the beauty, I just -- I come here and draw. We enjoy the fruit when we are able, and good folks that are here.

    Female Speaker: South Florida is just really warm all year around and so its great to see a place where you can come and learn about the fruits. This place is like candy land, there are so many delicious things just growing straight out of the ground.