Discovering the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    German Travel Reporter Kathrin Rein discovers the Vizcaya Musuem and Gardens, a European Villa in the heart of Miami.

    Kathrin Rein: This is Kathrin Rein here at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami Florida. This is a spectacular place, a beautiful setting on the Biscayne Bay just minutes from Downtown Miami. [Music]Words cannot describe this place, incredible architecture, the amazing gardens with sculptures and fountains Vizcaya was the creation of industrialists, socialite, traveler and art collector James Deering and his friend Paul Chalfin a former art creator, painter and interior designer himself.

    Chalfin encouraged Deering to fill Vizcaya with a collection of art and antiques. There were more than seventy rooms here each decorated with numerous antiques with an emphasis on fifteenth through early nineteenth century European decorative art and furnishing.

    The landscape and architecture were influenced by the nation and Tuscan Italian Renaissance model with a good number of the rock elements and it is ranked as one of Florida's top architectural achievements. So if you are an architect or an admirer you've got to plan a visit here. Many important people have passed through here from U.

    S. presidents to Pope John Paul II and has served as a location for many Hollywood films. Today Vizcaya retains most of its original furnishings and if you are planning a wedding or something for your friends while in Florida you may want to consider Vizcaya as your location, but make sure you are surfed well in advanced this is an extremely popular place to rent. This is Kathrin Rein amazed and conquered at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami Florida.