Disfruta del Arte y la Cultura en Orlando

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Una gran variedad de eventos culturales, arte y teatro son parte de los tesoros inesperados de Orlando. Un paraíso para los artistas e interpretes

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Margot H. Knight: Orlando to me is all about creativity. Our major theme parks were built on the backbone of artists. We have the number one per capita of performers in the whole country.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Scott Habes: One of the most amazing things about Orlando is that there is so many museums. You have renaissance heart in one gallery; you have cutting edge integrity photography in another gallery, so a visitor can get a faster rate of experiences in Marriott, Orlando.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]John Whipple: What a lot of people don't know about Orlando is that it's been a destination for many, many artists and these artists have brought a lot of talent to Orlando that a lot don't expect.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Debbie Komanski: The theaters seen in Orlando is probably one of the most dynamic in the United States. There are more theater groups doing a wider variety of theater that you will find in almost any city of this size in our country.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Carolynn Fennel: There are a number of cultural events that can be experienced in Orlando. The Zora Neale Hurston Festival is here and the festival is held in Eatonville, the oldest black chart community in America. It's a great experience.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]