DIY Cuffed Denim Shorts in 4 Minutes!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Got an old pair of jeans that you’re ready to toss out? Wait! You can easily transform them into cute cuffed shorts. Watch on and make your own pair in under four minutes.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! Now, if you have that pair of jeans your are thinking about throwing away, don't do it---Allison McNamara: Don't do it.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Stop! Allison McNamara: Stop.

    Matthew Rodrigues: put the Jeans down because that's what reporter Allison McNamara is going to teach us how to make those old jeans into shorts.

    Allison McNamara: Yes. We all have this old jeans at home, don't through them away we are going to transform them right in time for summer.

    Matthew Rodrigues:Okay. So what do we need?

    Allison McNamara: So things you will need, you will need a pair of old jeans, preferably ones that loose on the thigh area, a tape measure, scissors, fabric scissors are best and some chalk.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Simple enough.

    Allison McNamara: It's easier, let's start --Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. Step one, these are my jeans - these aren't my actual jean.

    Allison McNamara: Scissors. Yes they are.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Oh yes, they will be when we are doneAllison McNamara: Totally! So when you're holding out like thisMatthew Rodrigues:Okay.

    Allison McNamara: The first thing we are going to do is find out the measurement for how long we want that. Now my biggest note is that you always want to be on the longer side versus the shorter side.

    Matthew Rodrigues:Yes.

    Allison McNamara: You know, once you go short you can't go back and we are actually going to cuff our jeans so also keep that in mind. We want something that's about mid length, for women I suggest 15 inches, but again, you want to try them on and figure it out, and for you about 20 inches.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! So start longer.

    Allison McNamara: Yeah! You firstMatthew Rodrigues: I will go for 20, here we go.

    Allison McNamara: And then use your chalk to mark.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Chalk it up Allison McNamara: Perfect!

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. And also do it actually here on this side too.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! Oh, so we can see it.

    Allison McNamara: Right, for seeing, because we are going to fold it into half afterwards.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay.

    Allison McNamara: Perfect! Do mind about mind 15.

    5, we went on the wild side.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You are crazy here. So I get you crazy.

    Allison McNamara: All right!

    Matthew Rodrigues: That looks about right. Do we have to go on both sides?

    Allison McNamara: Perfect! Actually we're going to fold it in half first, you are ahead of me. Fold it in half and then do what you did. We are going to make our line straight across; you are such a pro with us.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay.

    Allison McNamara: This line does not have to be straight by the way, because we are going to cuff them eventually. So we're just going to use it as a marker to cut our jeans. Matthew Rodrigues: Now, you are saying I am ahead of you, but watch my jeans like we all laugh, something like thatAllison McNamara: No, this is actually a foolproof plan; it's really easy to do.

    Now, at this point, if you wear it home, and not doing this here live for you guys, I would say go try them on, make sure you're kind of happy with where that line falls. Since, we are not able to try them on right now.

    Matthew Rodrigues: We got get to it.

    Allison McNamara: We are in to it. So take your scissors and cut along that line one at a time, don't be aggressive and do both at the same time. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! One at a time.

    Allison McNamara: Slight back. Promise if you do it both at the same time you could actually cut one slightly shorter than the other and we want them to be even.

    Matthew Rodrigues:That's really good to have a sharp pair.

    Allison McNamara: Sharper is better. Put that one leg away.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Can we do sleeves with these or something later?

    Allison McNamara: Next time. Next step is in -- you save thatMatthew Rodrigues: That's whole other episode, get rid of that.

    Allison McNamara: And then use your jeans as a maker and cut the other side.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Done.

    Allison McNamara: Prefect! We're almost done. So again, at this point in time I would say try them on again if you are at home, but since we are here, we're going to go straight into cuffing. Matthew Rodrigues: This is short. Okay. Allison McNamara: Yeah! I like my leg short, right?

    Matthew Rodrigues: This is like short. Okay these are goodAllison McNamara: You can make two low cuffs, two to three depending on the length that you want them. Perfect! And you want to match up the other side.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, oh, this a skill. You would go into the store and spend $80 and up on these shorts.

    Allison McNamara: Yeah, you can recycle something that you already have. But one tip I really learned along the way when you make these, is that if you find the length that you love, it's great to get your iron at home and really press it to cement that fold. You could also use like little stitch if you want to to keep it in place.

    Matthew Rodrigues: That's what I was going to ask, could you just stitch it so it is permanent and it doesn't come out in the wash.

    Allison McNamara: If you do the iron you can really get it dismantled.

    Matthew Rodrigues: It's easy, just use the iron. It's so much easier.

    Allison McNamara: Look! There you go.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Here we go.

    Allison McNamara: Shorts for everyone.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Want to wear them tomorrow.

    Allison McNamara: Done.

    Matthew Rodrigues: No, we won't.