DIY Delicate Charm Bracelets!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dainty jewelry is a year-round favorite and a great gift idea for the holiday season! Learn how to make your own in a few simple steps. Trust us, this DIY will not disappoint!

    Becca Fructh: The holidays are sneaking upon us so we are getting a head start here Popsugar, our very own Allison McNamara is back for today's style survival. We are making cute DIY Bracelets that your friend, your sister, and even your mother will love.

    Allison McNamara: That's right, and you can customize them to make them even more special which is always so fun. So the trend right now is definitely dainty jewelry, we have seen delicate layer pieces on top celebrities like Nicole Ricci and Rihanna, so to make it current this is in the right DIY.

    Becca Fructh: Okay, so celebrity inspired but it has got that bespoke element that's just is really special for someone you love.

    Allison McNamara: Yeah.

    Becca Fructh: Okay, so what do we need?

    Allison McNamara: 2 feet of chain, any color that you want, four jump rings, one lobster clasp, one pair of needle nosed pliers, one wire cutter, and of course you need you sentimental charm the hero.

    Becca Fructh: That is the center piece, now where do we will find all these supplies?

    Allison McNamara: I found them all online.

    Becca Fructh: Easy! Allison McNamara: Easy enough. So the first step is to grab a jump ring, open it up add on a lobster clasp and attach it to the end of our chain, all right? Then we are going to take our chain and measure it around using our wire cutters to cut it off, once you have done that we are actually going to attach on another jump ring, these are throughout the entire DIY, to this other end and close it off. Once you have done that, layout your bracelet as we have it so far, take your charm, and use it to measure how many links you need to remove, okay. Because basically the charm is just going to replace the links that we're taking offBecca Fructh: I got that; that occasion works for me.

    Allison McNamara: Yeah, so cut with your wire cutters again, so you've got two extra pieces, open up two more jump rings, loop them on through that chain, and then attach each one to the charm, all right? There you have it, you did it, and there you go.

    Becca Fructh: and I chose a charm that is reminiscent of Martin Jay, Katniss approved, Jennifer Lawrence would love it.

    Allison McNamara: Very appropriate right now.

    Becca Fructh: What do you have Allison?

    Allison McNamara: I have the Eiffel Tower. I studied and was brought up in Paris, Paris is my favorite city and it just feels appropriate for this Becca Fructh: Well, and you are so trs chic, of course.

    Allison McNamara: I try, I try Becca Fructh: Let's put them on. Allison McNamara: Yeah, let's put yours on, easy enough to put on too. Becca Fructh: Now I have noticed of course that we did mix metals and that used to be sort of a fashion for pub and now it's very fashion for work.

    Allison McNamara: Yes, mixing metals is all the rage, I think you could do this solid rose gold if you wanted to, add on some gold, add on some silver, have fun with it. Becca Fructh: I love this Allison McNamara: Easy, right?

    Becca Fructh: So charming, turns up personality and really shows you care.

    Allison McNamara: Yeah.

    Becca Fructh: Thanks AllisonAllison McNamara: You're welcome!