DIY: How to Make a New Shirt Vintage Soft

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    We all love a vintage tee, but it can take hours to scour consignment stores to find the perfect one — and even more time to get that look the old-fashioned way. We’ve got a solution that will only take a few minutes and a tiny bit of patience; take a look.

    Becca Frucht: There is nothing like a good old worn-in T-shirt. We have seen celebs like Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, and Kristen Stewart rocking the vintage tee. Joining me again is Allison McNamara, who is going to help us get the look with any t-shirt in your closet in today's styles survival. Allison McNamara: That's right we al love vintage tees but again we don't have time to dumpster dive at the consignment stores all day long to get them. So I have got some tricks that you can do at home to make those new t-shirts feel old and soft. Becca Frucht: Okay, this is like time-traveling our t-shirt. Allison McNamara: Exactly. Becca Frucht: Instead of wearing it for 20 years, which takes a lot of times. Allison McNamara: It's actually going to take you 3-day. Becca Frucht: I am into it, so what's the first step? Allison McNamara: So that first thing we are going to do is actually brine your t-shirt. Becca Frucht: Like sea-food. Allison McNamara: Exactly, like sea-food. So what we are going to do is get a like a quarter of water, put your t-shirt in it and then get a cup of salts like some or dump it on in there and let's soak for three days just like this; all right. Becca Frucht: Okay. Allison McNamara: And then you take it out after those three days, machine wash it with a little bit of detergent, tumble dry and bam! Soft.

    Becca Frucht: Magic, so you don't have to go to American Apparel to get those super soft, you can just do it yourself. Allison McNamara: Exactly awesome right. Becca Frucht: And, now a tight neck line is other things that happens on those brand new tees and it feels like it's choking out,not in to it. Allison McNamara: Hit it! So what I like to do is you take the collar and you are actually going to stretch the materials like so to hear the stitches ripped, just a little bit, watch, so do it around the neckline, you won't rip it too much obviously, you are not like trying to rip off the entire collar but this will really loosen it up and have that really cool like laid back feel. Becca Frucht: Well, worn in. Allison McNamara: Yeah so I love this trick, it's actually one of my favorites and then I think it did give away that your t-shirt is new or the sleeves. You see that those hems around the sleeves that are really perfect and pristine, just cut them off, so make it in to a muscle tee, like so, it's pretty easy out, in the video on popsugar.

    com on how to make a perfect muscle tee and along those same lines I like to put a few little holes in there. So just pinch a little the fabric make some little holes like so. Becca Frucht: Right because you want it to look -- like maybe you just ran it to a Barbwire fencing. Allison McNamara: Exactly. Becca Frucht: It looks like you have had some adventures in your t-shirt. Allison McNamara: That's it. It's had that travel feel so I think you'll definitely achieve that with a few little holes, just cut off the sleeves, brine your shirt, you're good to go.

    Becca Frucht: There you go, loose your sleeves, gain some street cred and you can teach a new tee, old tricks. Allison McNamara: Yeah, bet you can. Becca Frucht: All right, thanks so much Allison. Allison McNamara: Thank you.