DIY Matte Nail Polish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Matte nail polish is the newest nail trend, so chances are, you’ll want to get your hands on a matte polish – or at least a top coat. If you don’t have one on standby, there’s an easy way to make your own at home. That’s right: go to the kitchen, grab the cornstarch, and get ready to DIY. If you don’t bake and there’s no cornstarch to be found, don’t fret. Eye shadow is a great option as well. Just mix it with your favorite top coat, and get ready to show off your shine-free nails this coming season. Even without the sheen, your manicure will shine!

    Matthew Rodrigues: Now I am on the POPSUGAR Beauty set with Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson, who has some great polish tips for your nails today. Hi Kirbie!

    Kirbie Johnson: Exactly! Hi! So one big trend for fall are matte top coats, and we have been obsessed with Dolce & Gabbana's matte nail coat for a while now; it just debuted last month. The thing about matte nails is when you apply that top coat, it takes away any shine and any sheen you may have, and a lot of people say it looks a little bit more fashion forward and elegant, and today I am going to teach you how to make one at home. Matthew Rodrigues: DIY. Kirbie Johnson: DIY. Matthew Rodrigues: This is great! Okay, so let's get right into what we need. Kirbie Johnson: Yes, okay. So first things first, I think the easiest way is just to go into your kitchen, grab some cornstarch, and you can mix your cornstarch with a clear top coat or you can mix it with your regular nail polish; which I am going to do right now. When you mix this, it's going to make the polish look really nice and matte, so to speak. There is going to be no shine. So you just want to take a little bit of your polish and put it out on a plate or something that you can mix it with. Then I like to take a stir and just combine the cornstarch. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. Is there such a thing as too much cornstarch? Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. So okay, so see how I am just like lightly putting it in here and kind of mixing it, because I don't want it to get too clumpy. It's going to be really easy for this cornstarch to get clumpy and gooey, so you just want to mix it. I am not going to take all of this; mix just like this. Then you want to act fast, because if you let it dry too quickly, it is going to have this really droopy texture. Matthew Rodrigues: You can already see it's kind of getting thicker right now. Kirbie Johnson: Exactly! So I am just taking my brush from my polish, dipping it in here, and then I am just going to apply on top. It's going to have this really nice matte sheen when it dries.

    Matthew Rodrigues: It's such a great trend, because you really stop and look at someone's nails when you see that matte, because you are so used to this shiny kind of look. Kirbie Johnson: Exactly!

    Matthew Rodrigues: And all the ladies around the office are already wearing it. Kirbie Johnson: Exactly!

    Matthew Rodrigues: So everyone is on trend, they are ready to go. Kirbie Johnson: And then if you only need cornstarch, it's so easy, you just mix it with your favorite nail polish and you are good to go. So one this dries, it's going to look like these other nails that I have, that I have no shine. Matthew Rodrigues: It's a really beautiful color! What if you don't have cornstarch? What if you are not a baker at home? Kirbie Johnson: Yes, if you are not like a kitchen extraordinaire, you don't have this in your kitchen, use eye shadow. I know it's --Matthew Rodrigues: Does eye shadow have cornstarch?

    Kirbie Johnson: No. I mean, it has like a powdery consistency and I think that is the basis of this entire look; that powder is going to help to absorb any of the shine and any of the sheen that the nail polish may have. So you just take a clear top coat. This is so, so easy. And you are just going to mix it a little bit with the eye shadow, which I have a pigment, a loose pigment that I am going to mix it with. Matthew Rodrigues: So you are basically making your own homemade color? Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. So you just mix it up and see how vibrant that is. Matthew Rodrigues: That's a beautiful color actually! Kirbie Johnson: It's so pretty! And I kind of like the top coat a little bit better because it makes it a little bit more liquidity that the cornstarch. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, but it still has that matte finish? Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. Matthew Rodrigues: I guess you could mix different colors if you wanted to? Kirbie Johnson: You could make your own color; you could make -- the options are unlimited. So I just take my brush, and you want to clean this afterwards if you are going to use this as a top coat, you just apply it right on top and look how vibrant that is. Matthew Rodrigues: That's a good color! Kirbie Johnson: And I always say, be really careful, don't go overboard with eye shadow. And also, a lot of people don't want to breakup their eye shadows, if they are pressed, because they are pretty and you probably spent a lot of time and money on them, so make sure that you have a pigment on standby. Matthew Rodrigues: That's perfect! You match your eye shadow to your nail polish. Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. Sorry, I was like getting so into it, painting my nail. Matthew Rodrigues: No, it's all right. You were like I want to finish this now. Kirbie Johnson: Yes, exactly! So just make sure you have a pressed pigment or a pigment like this on standby, because that way it's loose and you don't have to breakup your favorite eye shadow. Matthew Rodrigues: That's great!

    Kirbie Johnson: Yeah. Matthew Rodrigues: DIY nail polish. What would you name this? I guess we can name it POPSUGAR paint almost, it's pretty close. Kirbie Johnson: Right! I mean, it's pretty close.