Do Brain Teasers Really Work?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A new study from the University of Oregon takes a look at whether or not brain teasing apps really help improve cognitive function.


    A new study from the University of Oregon says that those brain training programs work but there’s a catch.  These games do enhance performance for the particular task involved in the game but that advantage doesn’t necessarily carry over to other cognitive abilities.  The team looked in specifically at inhibitory control.  There were two groups, an experimental group that was trained in inhibitory control and a control group that performed another task that did not affect inhibitory control. The researchers found performance improvement in the training group but not in the control group, though it was relatively small. And since the focus was solely on inhibitory control, they were unable to conclude whether or not improvement extended further than that to other executive functions of the brain. Researchers say they hope the revealing study will lead to the design of better prevention tools to promote mental health.