Do Gimmicks Work?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses if gimmicks work.

    Host: Do gimmicks work?

    David Petersam: Gimmicks do not work and gimmicks make it appear that you are desperate, gimmicks make it appear that you are just not conventional and that's not the type of business school applicant that these schools want to admit. They want someone that's not going to embarrass them in front of recruiters and the other students. When you say, gimmicks, it makes me think of someone that dresses up like a box of Kellogg cereal for an interview at North Western. You may know that for the NYU creative essay, it now says, 'Do not ship any perishable items.

    ' The reason is, someone did a gimmick several years ago where they sent sushi to the school. By the time they reviewed that person's application, the sushi didn't smell so fresh. It was a gimmick, it didn't work.