Do hybrid cars really work?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses if hybrid cars really work.

    Host: Do hybrid cars really work?

    David Rizzo: They do, as we saw on the list of or if you check the list on the best cars, the best choices for cars in every category whether it's small Sedan, truck, SUV the leader is the hybrid. But there are some other things you may want to weigh when picking a hybrid. For one thing, they are better for city driving and congested traffic driving. If you are doing nothing but long distance commutes, like from Butte Montana to Billings get a gas car, it's better for high speeds long distance. The other thing to consider with hybrids is if you are in a hot climate I wouldn't get one because air conditioning weighs heavily on hybrids. On a hybrid air conditioning can sap as much as 20% of your gas mileage. So if you are in colder clime, yes go with the hybrid. Down in Arizona and Texas stick with the gasoline engine. Something else to consider, those batteries in hybrids, they have to be replaced. In about eight years, guess what they'd cost something like a Lexus. $8000, you can buy lot of gas with $8000.

    On the other hand hybrids have one advantage they get some tax breaks from the Federal government. The IRS will help you out if you buy a hybrid, a certain kind of hybrid. Toyota Priuses, Lexus hybrids they are no longer eligible for the tax breaks. Some of the least popular models you can get up to $3000, but in any case come 2011 all the tax breaks will expire unless Congress reenacts them.