Do I have to like my fiancé’s family?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way recommends dealing with a fiance’s difficult family through premarital counseling.

    Host: Do I have to like my fiance's family?

    Bill Cochran: It would certainly be helpful, but you don't have to like anything. Well, it would be helpful to like your fiance I think, but what I am discovering so many couples are telling me nowadays is, You know we were dating and everything was going really, really great and that we felt so compatible and the family seem to happy and then the day we got engaged, all of a sudden I realized I had in-laws with opinions and a lot of those opinions were how to manage my wedding and so, now I feel like I am just out of control on this whole thing. I am not even sure I like them much any more.

    Well, there is ways of working with that and that's where a pre-marriage counselor can help you. There are classes you can take, to help you to deal with the stress of dealing with planning of the wedding and anticipating the marriage. So, there are places you can go to help you to find out how to get along a little better with the in-laws.