Do I need a liquor license?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams lists some points to remember when planning a reception where alcohol will be served.

    Host: Do I need a liquor license?

    Kay Williams: When you are working with any reception vendor you need to know if in that state, do they have a liquor license? You cannot serve liquor and you serve it properly unless you have a license. For example, most Churches that have reception halls, for example, you are going to have an onsite wedding, an onsite reception hall you may have the same location, I doubt that Church has a liquor license and I doubt they even allow liquor in there.

    So when you go to look for your reception hall, make sure first of all, they allow it, number two, they have a license, and number three, does your caterer have all the credentials that allow him to serve alcohol, because anybody can go out and buy alcohol, but are they licensed to do so. Do they have permission to do so? They have to follow guidelines. For example, if you have any wedding in New Orleans and you go to New Jersey to have your reception let's say you go the next day or whatever it may be or if you have your reception here and your wedding down here, if you are at a certain state and you cross state lines you need to make sure that particular place in that particular state no matter have you hire your consultant here or you hire your caterer here make sure they can travel over state lines with that liquor and the alcohol and that person whom you are going to serve it and the place you want to serve it at is allowing it.

    So if you are going to serve alcohol or anything similarly, any type of alcohol you must make sure it is allowed. You must make sure you follow all guidelines of that particular state or the country you are in.