Do I need to give my entertainment a song list to play?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams recommends discussing your preferred music selection with your entertainment before the reception.

    Host: Do I need to give my entertainment a song list to play?

    Kay Williams: When you are going to hire any type of DJ for your wedding reception you might want to look at his selection first. Let him play music for you when you interview him because that's what it is; interview before you hire him, music they that he has done for other weddings.

    Also ask him if he has a video of the music that he has been playing. Loud music for different reception sites. That way you can see if the music is what you want and how it goes with the crowd.

    Number two if you like a certain music and for example, if you are a Christian crowd you don't want to hear hip-hop or if you -- let's think conservative you want a little Mozart you might want to tell him this is what I want, a, b, and c. He may not have it, he may have to go look for it. He definitely might not have Mozart, you know, the classical music.

    So yes, it is sometimes better to have you music list planned out. Sometimes it's better to look at his and mix the two. It depends on how your crowd is going perceive it. You have to know your crowd. You have to know your guests. You have to know what they like. You have to know what you like. You want everybody to be happy that is the whole key. But yeah give him a chance to see what he has and work with him.