Do those in the spirit realm visit us in our dreams?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jodi Lynnae, Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant, discusses how spirits communicate with us including if those in the spirit realm visit people in dreams.

    Host: Do those in the spirit realm visit us in our dreams?

    Jodi Lynnae: Those in spirit definitely visit us in our dreams, often times, that is the only time that we are receptive to communication because we can't logically explain that away. Whereas in our everyday life if we sense a presence, we might just say, Oh, I was imagining things or That didn't happen. But what will happen in spirit communication, in dream realm, it will be so crystal clear, it will be so vivid. You will feel like you are actually in the room with the person, you will remember the conversation, what they had to say to you, you will remember some message that they gave you and you will often wake up from these type of dreams like, Oh, God that felt so real, it was like they were there with me and they were trying to tell me this. And it has sort of a quality to it that is in-dismissible, you wont just explain it away or it just is in such a vivid contrast to the symbolic dreams that you experience. You know that there is something more to it. You might not be quite sure what or how or anything like that but it will most definitely have a long-lasting impact on you. The reason they choose that time to communicate with us again is because it's a time when where we are in a quite calm stay, we can't deny it, we can't explain it away and we are more open and receptive. It makes the communication efforts on their part easier as well because they actually have to lower their energy vibration to make contact with us. So if they have an open receptive candidate who is in la-la land sleeping, it's a lot easier to get access than somebody who is running around in the busy craziness of their day. It's like going, Hello! Are you there, are you there? and not being able to get an answer at the door whereas if they approach you in your dream realm, you are pretty much, Okay, I am open, come see me.