Do you always see images when you pray?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey discusses why we see images when we pray.

    Host: Do you always see images when you pray?

    Joseph McCloskey: I rarely see images while I am praying unless I create them myself, but I can get so deep into the prayer that the images have a life of their own. Now whether or not it's a mystical moment or not, when I am praying with my mystic friend who sees patients with Mary up in Lynfield, there might be 500 people there but unprivileged to let her side in praying.

    When she sees Mary, she sees an image of Mary that's given to her, that's so real that is really for her and Mary. But the Mary that I imagine being there is the same Mary that she is seeing or the Lord that you are seeing, or the Lord that I am seeing. I can use my imagination, but at the same time you can use my imagination to make Himself present. Famous atheist George Bernard Shaw and Joan of Arc had the execution and asked her about, do you see visions? Joan said yes and the executioner said, how do you know that's really the Lord? George Bernard Shaw who was an atheist put into the mouth of Joan of Arc, can God use my imagination, and the answer was, yes.