Do You Have Everything You Need In Your Denim Closet?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    One of our favorite parts of Fall fashion is refreshing our wardrobes with great new denim. From the perfect chambray to the quintessential cool-girl moto jean, we found the five pieces of denim you need in your closet.

    Allison McNamara: Hey, I am Allison McNamara; today we are going to show you the five pieces of Denim that you need for the fall season. One piece of Denim that you have to have in your closet is a good pair of ankle jeans and they will be your go-to black pant this season; they have got all these edgy detail. So the zipper is at the waist and at the ankle and they are also coated, so they have that leather effect. What is really cool about these is that the zippers are actually black, so really blends in. All right, you got to have a good pair of classic medium washed jeans that acts as your second skin and you throw them out without even thinking about it and we like them because of the interesting details. So it's got the whisker detailing right here at the hips, there's single sort of distressing at the knee. It's all about those elements that are cool, but without overdoing it. These days you can wear white jeans year around. They are season less. So they are perfect for spring and summer but when it comes to fall and winter it's all in the styling. What's nice about these is that they are very skinny; they hug her legs and really accentuate her curves in all the right places. Here we have a pair with a polka dots top and then a camel sweater layered on top of that and then laid out this color with a camel shoe. Altogether it's got this nice play in neutrals and it's great for transitioning right into fall. It goes it all saying a Chambray is a must have, and for fall we are choosing one in a darker wash. I think what's great about a Chambray is that the options of styling are endless. So you can wear it as a top, wear it as jacket, use it as a layering piece even button it at the whole way of the top and then wear a sweater on top of that. So here we are with style with a white top, stripped body con skirt, keep it with a neck tie for a pop-up color and then we kept it casual with some red belts. The new Denim jackets I will select for fall is the Shrunken Jacket. It's a great medium washed Denim that appears well with other Denims. The thing that's nice about the Denim jacket is like the Chambray it's very easy to style. You can wear it over things, under things, and use it as a layering piece. So here we have styled it over a maxi dress and then added pops of color with a red scarf and some red shoes. So between your white jean, your black jean, your classic Denim wash, your Shrunken Jacket and your Chambray, you are going to be covered for Denim for the fall season. I am Allison McNamara and thanks for watching.