Does carpooling improve your gas mileage?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses if carpooling improve your gas mileage.

    Host:Does carpooling improve your gas mileage?

    David Rizzo: Yes, carpooling is one of the best ways to go. Sharing the ride with a co-worker, put him in the passenger seat and between the two of you, you effectively double your gas mileage. Believe it or not transportation engineers look at these things. How many miles per person are we getting? Not how many miles per vehicle. So you put two people, if your car gets 25 effectively, you are getting 50 miles per gallon, per person. So carpooling helps save gas. Not only that it helps save time. People who use the carpool lanes, the HOV, High Occupancy Vehicle lanes save on average about a minute per mile, getting to work. Not only that you save money. Study show that you can save up to like $3000 a year by carpooling with someone. You save it on gas and your car maintenance expenses, how can go alone? But as I mentioned it's good for time because you can use that carpool lane and in case you are wondering you can just duck in and out of that at will, you can only leave the carpool lane where it's a broken line. In case you are wondering if you can carry a child, for most states it counts, you may want to check with your particular state but as far as the Federal Government is concerned that kid could be one years old and that's a carpool partner, you can use a carpool lane, definitely saves gas.