Does cruise control save gas?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses if cruise control saves gas.

    Host: Does cruise control save gas? David Rizzo: Not really, no, unless you are on a long trip like driving out to the desert or to Vegas or something like that, I wouldn't use cruise control. Now categorically I can say never use cruise control in stop-and-go traffic. Nothing will suck up gas quicker. Even adaptive cruise controls which they have on some luxury cars which calculate the distance and ease off the gas a little bit, there is still, nothing better than the human brain and cruise controls tend to either push the gas too hard, let off too suddenly and we know that rapid acceleration uses more gas. So don't use the cruise control especially in stop-and-go traffic and if you are going up a hill definitely shut it off especially when you first start up the hill because what a cruise control will do is floor that paddle. The computer says, God we have got a get up to speed, so it floors the gas and you waste it whereas on your own you can ease on the gas gradually get up the hill and then ease off a bit. So I'd go easy on the cruise control.