Does every resort offer honeymoon amenities?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses how to plan a honeymoon, including amenities typically offered by resorts for couples on their honeymoons.

    Host: Does every resort offer honeymoon amenities?

    Melinda Webb: It depends really on the resorts. Sometimes you won't find as many in your small mom and pop type hotels but mostly to resorts and those boutique hotels in which properties will offer some honeymoon amenity where it is a bottle of champagne or a special dinner and what you want to look for there is the resorts that really offer a lot because at some resorts you can have everything from a breakfast in bed to champagne, rose petals, spa treatments. So, it is just that when you select a resort you don't want to see what amenities that you are getting from that. In grace, your amenities can run from an upgrade to a room to a sunset cruise around centering you so you can have some fantastic amenities based on your choice of hotel.