Doesn’t love conquer all?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald provides her answer to the age-old question.

    Host: Doesn't love conquer all?

    Gloria MacDonald: So many people say, "Yes, but with all these challenges and everything if you truly love the other person, doesn't love really conquer all?

    " I would say, yes absolutely love does conquer all, but the big question is do we love in the unconditional way? Do we truly have conditional love for the other person and it's only that kind of love that conquers all and unfortunately, as human beings we haven't mastered that unconditional love that conquers all and that's where we get into problems. So without us having achieved that level of unconditional love, no, unfortunately, our love will not conquer all. Think of if it as a dog. Your dog or your cat loves you unconditionally. If you forget to take the dog out for its midday walk or the dog's water bowl is empty or something, the dog still loves you. The dog doesn't get mad at you and stay mad at you forever. A dog or a cat does have unconditional love for us, but we unfortunately, don't have unconditional love for our partners. If our partner does something to us, we get mad and boy, can we hang on to a grudge for a long, long time. We can hold things against another person or again, that subconscious mind that I have been talking about that is constantly looking for ways in which we are different or the ego that I talked about in another segment that's constantly trying to make us right, trying to make us better, trying to look for approval. All those things get in the way of unconditional love. So yes, unconditional love could conquer all, but unfortunately, I don't know very many human beings if any frankly, who have attained that level of unconditional love where they can truly let go of ego and accept everything unconditionally about another person.