Dog Agility – Training your Dog to Weave

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen VanHoy, owner and trainer at Paws @ Play, shows you how to teach your dog to weave.

    Karen Van Hoy: Hi! I'm Karen Van Hoy, Captain of the Santa Barbara Flyers, and this is dog agility. And today we're going to start talking about how to teach your dog how to weave.

    Now you're going to start off with probably something that looks like this. It has six poles in it. You're going to take four of them and remove them. You're only going to start with two poles. So I'll take these out and you will add them in only when you are successful.

    Now you need a pocketful of lots of treats. You need obviously a dog. You need, again, a collar that is not a choke chain, and that it's not a training collar, a flat buckle collar that you can put your fingers in.

    Now how I'm going to do this is the dog must always in agility enter with this pole on its left side, every time. So what I'm going to do is have her still be able to site this. I want her kind of dragging me through a little bit, hand in the collar.

    Yeah! Good girl, good girl! You notice, I didn't say weave. I lowered her through. Now, I want to let her try to do it on her own. Yes, good girl! And I want to slow, and a cookie. We'll have to do that again. Okay, come.

    It's very hard to do with two poles, but I have the cookies ready in my hand. I want to pass them off to my left. The reward should come close to where she exit the pole. Ready? Yes! Good girl. Good girl, you've got to be quick, soon come.

    If you jump the gun too much, going from two poles to three pole is a lot. You're going to have short, little training segments. You want to finish on a good note. If that means you put three poles in, but you weren't successful at that, take the third pole out and go back to two. End your training session at that. Come back a couple of hours later or the next day and do that.

    Same thing applies here. You're going to start her up here, hand in the collar, I guide her through. Yes, good girl, good girl! She gets to try by herself. Yes! The reward needs to come close to the contact. It's not out here, or not the contact of the weaves. I'll show you then end result.

    And again, this is after many, many weeks of one pole, two poles, three poles, both sides. Ready, watch your head! Weave! Yeah! Good girl! So that's where the cookie needs to come down with the head down, depending on -- if you have a small dog, you're going to break your back. If you've got a big dog, you'll be okay. One more time. Okay, weave! Yes, good girl!

    And there is your weave pole training. In the next segment of dog agility, we'll be teaching your dog, tunnels.