Dog Grooming – Clipping Nails

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nadia Lee, professional pet groomer, shows how to properly clip your dog’s nails.

    Nadia Lee

    Affectionate Pet Care Inc. is a full service pet care facility in Fairfax, Virginia. Amy Lewett, facility owner, and her professional staff of 40 animal lovers provide services such as Dog Daycare, Cage-Free Boarding, Grooming, Dog Training, and In-home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. APC has been in business for about eight years. Amy, an avid animal lover naturally build her life around them with experience in Veterinary Clinic work and study, grooming training, dog breeding in her home, pet rescue, dog training, behavior and education, nutrition study, and all types of animal care throughout the years. Her Grooming Spa was opened in 2003. Her head Groomer Stephanie Mintz has 10 years of experience. Nadia Lee has been grooming dogs for about three years. She earned her certification in dog grooming prior and has been providing custom hair cuts to her client’s pets and making them clean and beautiful at Affectionate Pet Care Center’s Grooming Spa with happy repeat customers. Her knowledge and talent is shown in her presentation with her own dog Scooter a three year old Bichon Frise. In this video she educates dog owners on the basics of dog grooming. You will learn how to safely clip your dog’s nails, clean your dog’s ears, thoroughly brush your dog and what tools to use for different types of hair. She will also explain how to thoroughly bathe your dog and techniques for drying your dog. She will share safety tips and how to finish the grooming for maximum results.

    Nadia Lee: Hi! My name is Nadia Lee and I current work as Affectionate Pet Care and today we are going to go over basic grooming you can do at home. I have already covered the items that you will need and we are going to continue on nail clipping.

    Nail clipping is very important for basic grooming because without cutting the nails close as possible the clip will continue to grow and you can t get that short nice nail you want, so they don t scratch upon your tile. The clip as we can see here is the pink part of Squeeter s(ph)nail, and we don t want to cut that or it s going to have excess bleeding, but okay and I am cutting to the nearest just so, he does not paw and hurt himself for safety purposes. I am pretty sure lot of you guys, who are at home trying to clip your dog s nails, I have been there and done that. Squeeter(ph) which is my dog right here, I have trouble with him all the time. I am groomer, but some dogs just don t naturally like it, but I am going to show couple of ways you could clip their nails. You could either grab his paws and kind of put it behind in a comfortable position, and when you are clipping the nails, you don t want to do it slow because the dog gets really annoyed and he is not going to stay still for very long.

    So you want to do as quick as possible. You want to kind of put your nail clippers towards the paw that way you have the right angle and you are just going to snip. Let me do another one for his back paws. You are just going to put your arm underneath his tummy and then grab his paw from behind and we are going to do it from behind and is comfortable position and we are going to clip his nail. This way the dogs doesn t get annoyed and he is pretty good about clipping his nails because you are doing it at a faster pace, but practice makes perfect, so keep trying, trying and trying.

    Just in case, your dog s nails bleed, we have septic powder here known as Quick Stop. In case the dogs nail bleed, you are just going to grab some of this powder and hold it under his nails for 60 seconds and this will stop the bleeding from the veins just like that and then he should be okay and good to go. If you don t have septic powder at home you can just use flour, just regular cooking flour, and that would serve the same purpose. Since we have covered nail clipping, we are now going to into ear cleaning.